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Picturehouse Cinemas

The client

Picturehouse is a popular cinema chain with 24 sites across England.

What we did

Since 2015, we’ve provided reactive and planned maintenance service for all of their catering, warewashing and refrigeration equipment. With quick assessments, we’ve ensured next-day installation of equipment where necessary and made recommendations based on the availability and reliability of parts.

Employing a fully consultative approach, we also provided them with a preventative maintenance plan and facilitated the recycling of legacy equipment. 

We really value their speed of service, as well as their problem-solving nature. Excellent.

How we helped the business

We were able to make a huge difference to the company’s maintenance team, saving them roughly 2 hours a day – time usually spent following up on contractors. Real time reporting means that they’re always in the know.

We provided a single point of contact for all their catering equipment support and supply requirements. The standardisation of equipment reduced downtime and improved performance across the board.