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With a cost-effective, proactive plan of action, we’ll optimise the performance of your commercial catering equipment.

For us, every client is unique.

That’s why, as part of our full-serve approach, we’ll conduct a complete assessment of your equipment and help you to not only budget and plan for potential repairs and replacements, but also to be as proactive as possible in avoiding unnecessary costs.

Our efficient asset ID system enables us to offer a complete catering equipment maintenance package and manage your needs over the long-term.

Identification & assessment

We employ a full asset registration system for every single item of commercial catering equipment you have on site. We’ll use this asset register as a database on our systems to record and manage the activity and costs on your behalf.

In our detailed asset register, a unique ID reference is assigned to each item of equipment, including details of its current condition and potential cost-effective life span. With this ID referencing it is much easier to accurately report faults and it allows us to effectively monitor service activity. It also gives you a detailed performance history of each item and means we can devise a preventative maintenance program tailored to meet your needs.

This program ensures that any deteriorating components are replaced before faults develop, keeping your equipment working efficiently for longer and avoiding costly repairs and any equipment downtime.

We assess the following issues:

  • Poor maintenance – we look at a suitable maintenance to reduce expensive equipment breakdowns.
  • Operator misuse – we’ll work with you on the training of onsite staff and also screen any calls to prevent an engineer attending the site when it may be unnecessary.
  • Equipment selection – we’ll ensure you are supplied with exactly the right equipment based on its application and your budget.
  • Design or parts supply – we work in close cooperation with manufacturers to resolve any issues that may arise.


Cost reduction

A common concern among multi-site operators is that they have issues with cost-control. Often it’s a lack of cost visibility resulting in nasty surprises when the bills come in, or it could be the constant repair of the same problematic piece of equipment – clearly a significant role to be played in tackling these business issues.

Through good communication and reporting, we help to put in place solid cost-control measures, such as pre-authorisation limits and escalation procedures or suitable replacement strategies.

With the strategy for you in place, you’ll save much more than a few pounds on the engineer’s call out fee! Furthermore, you’ll have true peace of mind, knowing that all of our activity is carried out within the safeguard of our independently-audited quality, environmental & health & safety systems.

Case studies

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