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Equipment suppliers

We’re experts in equipment supply that suits your needs.

Clear, independent advice

With such a wide range of catering equipment available on the market nowadays, it’s so important that we’re able to provide clear, comprehensive, independent advice to all of our customers when it comes to product selection – and more importantly, we make sure we stand by it. Our preferred equipment suppliers work with us on this basis and in providing complete support for their brands.

We listen to the client’s preferences, requirements and budgets, then we bring into play our knowledge and experience gained from working on their sites. The importance of standardisation across the estate of a multi-site operators should not be underestimated. As tangible benefits from cost reductions, brand consistency and enhanced service are easily demonstrated.


We put application and efficiency at the forefront

The intended application of any piece of equipment by our clients’ staff is our prime concern. For that main reason we do not promote a product based on price.

Investing in any equipment, for us, is about suitably for use, followed by efficiency, longevity and safety. Beyond that, we urge our clients to take into consideration the availability of product, spare parts and quality of manufacturer post-sales support.


A deep understanding of the market

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry. All of our staff are proactively encouraged to develop their understanding of the marketplace, and are engaged in the pre- and post-sales process. They have involvement in site and supplier visits, and go through rigorous product training are key in providing the best customer service.